today and tomorrow

Today and Tomorrow


So many Christians and church leaders are asking, “What exactly is Kingdom Now Theology?”. Some have a vague idea of what it is, while others are completely in the dark. In the meantime it is decimating and fragmenting the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. No other false teaching is causing more havoc among contemporary believers than this one. It is robbing God's people of their blessed hope, bringing discouragement and hindering church growth.
Today and tomorrow is concerned with answering this question. Hopefully, it will achieve its objective  in a way that will bring clarity and comfort to every believer who reads it. May the Holy Spirit help you to understand what is happening in your world today, so that you will be able to form a settled opinion about what awaits us all tomorrow.

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  1. John and Helen Gardiner

    “It is our prayer that this work will be mightily used by the Lord to spearhead His rescue mission in these last days. Every Christian needs a copy of ‘Today and tomorrow’, to read and re-read.”
    – John and Helen Gardiner | Editors of “Prepare the Way” magazine

  2. Brian Evans

    “John has courageously tackled, and comprehensively disproved from Scripture, the erroneous teachings of ‘Kingdom Now Theology’.”
    – Brian Evans | Senior Pastor, Restoration Rock Ministries, Margate, South Africa

  3. Sam Ennis

    “When the Lord rebuked the so-called friends of Job, He said to them, ‘You have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has’. They had spoken much, but God’s verdict against them was that they were completely astray. In my opinion, that means they were speaking false doctrine and yet they were so convinced that they were right. This book addresses that very important matter – people who oppose long-held teachings of the Word and who bring confusion and distress into the hearts and minds of simple believers. These are days when we need to be alert to what the Word teaches and to be guided by it and not the opinions of men. The New Testament warns us against false christs, apostles, prophets and teachers. So be warned, Christians. Do not lightly forsake the teachings of the past. Be like those good people in Berea and search the Scriptures daily to find the truth therein and then hold to that.”
    – Sam Ennis | Senior Pastor, Roodepoort Assembly, South Africa

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